Greater San Marcos Youth Council is a great resource for children and families. In order to invest in Texas children not born to families committed to their well-being, a group of concerned citizens organized and developed the Greater San Marcos Youth Council (1986) to provide shelter to maltreated children and support services to families. As a private, non-profit, our Children’s Shelter exists as a residential care home for children to develop a trusting relationship with each child so that he/she will know that not all grown-ups will hurt them and that they are worthy of love and respect.

We strive to strengthen families through our youth and family services available to Hays county residents and students. Our objective is to reduce child maltreatment, truancy, juvenile delinquency, as well as, increase families’ protective factors and resiliency to crisis. These services include; child and family counseling, parenting classes and anger management classes, youth and family advocacy, groups in schools, and truancy intervention, as well as, a 24-hour toll-free crisis hotline available year round by youth and family counselors.

In its own block on the right side of template A 24-hour toll-free crisis hotline 1-800-457-0797 is available year round by YFS counselors.