Counseling for Children, Teens & Families

The counseling services program is provided in an effort to strengthen families, to keep children at home, to prevent problems of delinquent behaviors, runaway, truancy, child abuse and neglect by helping youth and their families learn to resolve crises and develop coping and parenting skills. Referrals are welcome from any individual, agency, school, or family.

Request FREE counseling by calling us at 512-754-0500.
Services are FREE to youth & families and include:

  • Free youth, family and group counseling (also available in Spanish)
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Education for parents and youth
  • Child abuse prevention training

Who qualifies to receive these confidential services?
GSMYC’s *FAYS Program is FREE to families with children under the age of 18 who reside in Hays County or attend Hays County schools.

The goals of the *FAYS program:
*Family and Youth Success (FAYS) Program

  • To address family conflict and everyday struggles
  • To promote strong families and youth resilience
  • To help families and youth learn to resolve crisis and develop coping skills
  • To help parents resume and maintain parental responsibility

To begin receiving services:
Call our office at 512-754-0500.
Counseling services are offered Monday-Friday by appointment at your convenience (after work and school hours are available) and are provided on a 90-day basis.